Staff Profile: Melissa

This week in our staff profile we will be visiting with supervisor monitor – yes that’s right, not hall monitor – Melissa. I’m sure lots of you have met Melissa, whether she’s told you to cover up or tell you ‘No hats in school’ or just to say good morning. You can always find Melissa wandering the halls during class or in the cafeteria during lunch keeping us safe. Melissa has been at WCI for seventeen and a half years. Melissa says she loves the kids here (minus the troublemakers of course). She also said that she loves seeing and learning where each kid comes from in life and making a connection with them. Once you get past the fact that Melissa is a hall monitor you’ll find that she’s very nice, caring, and funny. She’s only doing her job, it’s not a personal thing. When asked about what Melissa would change about WCI she said the respect that she gets from both staff and students. I know from experience that a little respect given to Melissa can go a long way. When asked about how she would describe WCI as a school she said that it’s a very inclusive school. “We never exclude based off of race, gender, sexual preference, skin colour. Everyone is welcome and everyone is treated the same.”

One thing Melissa wants everyone to know is that she is not a hall monitor. She is a hall supervisor and isn’t there to be a pain. She is there to protect us. Finally when asked what it is like to be a hall supervisor she said, “It’s awesome. You never know what your day is going to hold. It could be a good day, bad day… You never know when shit is gonna go sideways. I enjoy moving around and being able to free roam and I love meeting people and having unique interactions every day.” So the next time you see Melissa in the halls don’t be afraid stop and say hi. You might be surprised at the outcome.