Battle of Waterloo 2017

Battle of Waterloo, the age-old tradition at WCI, is a huge event that is celebrated annually. It is an event that has been going on for as long as I can remember and is valued by staff and students alike. For those that don’t know what Battle of Waterloo is, it is an evening where students come together and watch their football team compete against our school’s rival and battle each other for the win. Battle promotes school spirit as students dress themselves in spirit wear, paint their faces red, white and blue, and chant our school’s songs in unison. However, the popularity of this night seems to decrease with each coming year.

I believe the popularity of this night has decreased in recent years due to the teams we were playing against. Last year was supposedly one of the lowest turnouts ever for Battle of Waterloo and I believe this is because we were playing Waterloo-Oxford. At WCI we have always played Sir John A. Macdonald or Bluevale, as they are our true rivals. Students were disappointed that the school changed our opponents and it caused some students to lose interest in this event entirely.

This year, however, the school is looking to promote Battle of Waterloo as best as they can. This year and we are back at Laurier Stadium fighting it out against our true rivals, Bluevale. Bailey D., one of the coordinators of this event, explains, “We are trying to pick up the Battle sales as much as we can this year. We are hoping that students are excited that it is against Bluevale this year and are doing our best to run events that hype the students up. We have a spirit assembly planned with students from both schools, caf games, and a BBQ before the game with food trucks. We just want to make this event enjoyable for the students and hope we have a big turnout.” Battle this year is on Thursday, October 12 and tickets are on sale this week outside the caf for $5 with a student card or $7 at the door.