Athlete Profile: Nike Abiodun

Nike Abiodun is a passionate student athlete. She is 17 years old and currently in Grade 12. She is a student who has been a member of the Track and Field team for 3 years now. She loves track and devotes time to track not only during the school year but also at a track club outside of school. In this interview she further explains her experience with Track and Field.

What sports do you play?

My main sport is Track and Field. I do hurdles and sprints but my main event is sprint hurdles, which is my favourite.

How long have you been doing track?

I guess I have been doing track ever since elementary school but after OFSAA in Grade 9 is when I really got serious about track. In June of 2015 I joined Laurel Creek Track and Field Club.

What track club are you a part of currently?

I am currently part of Invictus Athletics Club which is located in Cambridge, Ontario. I switched to this club because my teammates and coaches got frustrated with Laurel Creek Track and Field Club. The coaches went through many conflicts and some of the members of the coaching staff got so frustrated they decided to create their own club. They created Invictus Athletics Club which has been a better experience and is a higher level track club.

How many hours a week do you spend participating in track?

So right now I spend about 7 hours a week doing track although in the winter I spend way more time doing track. In those months I have 5 practices a week which are anywhere from an hour to 3 hours long.

Do you find it hard to balance your time?

I don’t find it that difficult right now because my course load isn’t too hard.I found it much harder in Grade 11 to balance my time. In Grade 11 I had a heavier course 

load and Wednesdays practices in Guelph. I wouldn’t get home from these practices until like 11:30 and I would always have tons of homework left to do. I had to find out how to find time for my homework which normally meant doing homework in the library at lunch.

What would you say your greatest achievement athletically has been?

In Grade 9, I placed 5th overall at OFSAA which means I was fifth in the province. I think that was just like a really significant moment in my life because it was before I started training for track and it proved to everyone I was a true competitor.

What has been your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle is probably training going on right now. Fall training is really difficult for my track team. It is the training now that carries us through the rest of the season. I know that personally I’m really struggling to get through practice and a lot of tears have been shed but I know this training will help me in the long run so I need to just keep pushing myself.

Have you ever wanted to quit track?

Well this week actually I had a really hard practice and they had me for a minute questioning if i could do it, but I have really good teammates and coaches. I definitely wouldn’t get through the hard moments without their constant support.

Do you want to continue with your track career after post-secondary?

Yes I do plan to continue with my track career after post-secondary. Right now I’m beginning to look into US scholarship options. Otherwise, I would probably just do track at a university here in Ontario.

If there was one thing you could change about the past what would you do?

There’s not much that I would change but I feel like if there was anything it would be that i would’ve experimented with events more. I always thought about trying new events but never did and now I think it’s a little too late to try other things because I’m in deep with hurdles and don’t really see the sense in trying anything new.