Humans of WCI

“My grandma’s leaving her nursing home this weekend for the first time in a while for Thanksgiving. I think next year I want to stay close to home so I can be close to her and the rest of my family.” -Abby W.
“I’m really looking forward to quitting my job. I’m gonna focus on school. But I’m lowkey gonna miss it. I made good friends.” -Brittany A.
“I’m working tomorrow and it’s my birthday. My mom’s mad at me because I can’t do anything with my family. I’m going to get my G1 really soon. My dad’s car is manual so I’m probably going to destroy it. I’ll probably go to McDonald’s after work to celebrate.” -Tugi K.
“My parents really wanted a girl so they kept trying until they got one. They got five sons before they got her.” -Duncan M.
““I was looking for some more hours at work, trying to get cash, so I took the night shift in addition to my two other shifts. So I’m working about 25 hours in the next 36 hours.” -Christian I.
“I didn’t really know at all what I wanted to do last year but this year I kind of figured it out. I really like biochemistry so that’s what I want to do. I really like sciences. I’m trying to go away. I want something new, I’ve had enough of Waterloo.” -Emma P.