Has WCI Found It’s Spirit?

In the past few years here at WCI there has been a FAST decrease when it comes to the student body’s interest in spirit assemblies. For reasons such as the booing ban, exclusive groups in spirit videos, and the overall repetitive structure of the event, it was no surprise that the energy and attendance had taken a fall. For these reasons, those in charge of organizing and executing the spirit assembly, that took place last Friday, started looking for new ways to try and lift that Viking spirit we lost sight of.

After speaking with some students after the assembly, it seemed as though it was the little changes in the assembly that made all the difference. Additions such as a Wii boxing match between teachers, Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Stewart, and the towel launcher made by Ryan Hagerty, students said they were left feeling more involved than they’d felt in previous assemblies. Keeping the classic moments of WCI’s spirit assemblies then altering them to be more captivating and inclusive are exactly the changes that have been long awaited, and are finally being put into play. The high quality, sports-oriented spirit video left students impressed, and was a better fit for the actual reason behind the assembly, being the football game that was to come that night. Another example of this was that our orchestra, which represents such a large part of WCI, was featured in the playing of our time-honored WCI song, as well as playing Happy Birthday to our beloved Mr. Sabol.

Students that attended the event said things such as: “The slow motion and drone shots in the video were really cool”, “I really liked the way that the Wii was used to engage students and teachers more”, “The towel launcher was an awesome addition and I hope they have it next time,” and even the simple opinion that, “It was better than the first one.”

Making sure students feel involved and enthusiastic is vital to the success of a memorable spirit assembly. Though the changes made may seem minor, it was definitely a step in the right direction.