Do We Need a New ‘Battle’?

At WCI, when you think of school spirit you probably think about sports. In particular, football. Battle of Waterloo is a timeless tradition at our school. The staff and students of WCI all come together to watch and support the Boys Football team at this highly promoted night. It’s great to demonstrate this high level of school spirit but to be frank, football has a few associated problems.  It is a sport played only by boys (at our school) and it has never really been our strong suit considering we lose the majority of these contests. School spirit is always encouraged, and Battle can be a lot of fun, but we could really do this for any other sport. Maybe one that we’re actually good at.

During the fall season, we’re lucky enough to have Cross Country, Golf, Girls Basketball, Boys Volleyball, and Tennis teams. Our Senior Girls Basketball team has done particularly well over the last few years and continues to do so to date. Our spring Battle for rugby incorporates both the boys and girls teams, but fall Battle fails to do that even though it’s the more popular of the two.  Boys Volleyball is having a solid season as well. Tennis here at our school is another strong team. With standout athletes like Sierra Olsthoorn (competing at OFSAA since grade 9), Kevin Simone, and Victoria Nghiem, a Battle for tennis would surely be a show! And need I mention our stellar Golf team with OFSAA athletes such as Bennett Ruby, Jonah McPhee, and Sean Tippin. In addition, we have standout athletes on the Cross Country teams. In particular, there’s Scott Arndt who’s an XC celebrity at WCI for his exceptional abilities granting him OFSAA medals (he’s also very successful with Track and Field in the spring). Unlike football, we can actually be confident in a win in XC. Now, I acknowledge that most students wouldn’t want to watch a XC meet but it also isn’t as bad as sitting outside in an icy stadium with rain and discomfort. I will mention that our school did have a 34-21 win against Bluevale on Thursday for the first time in years. Although one win out of a sea of losses doesn’t mean we have to continue with football when we’re getting more consistency from all of our other sports. With just these few sports listed, it brings light to some sports that could really benefit from having a sort of Battle. All of the titles achieved and championships won in all others sports should not be overlooked just for our school to have an unsuccessful play at “Friday Night Football.”