Having a Job While in School: Positive or Negative?

Students nowadays are finding themselves with more responsibilities than ever before. With pressures to succeed in school as the marks they achieve will possibly affect the rest of their lives, holding a job can prove to be difficult. Teenagers need to survive but it is also critical for some to have the money purchase things they need and want. As a result of this, some teens can find it overwhelming to balance.. In present times it has become the norm for students to work part-time jobs. Although the money and experience that comes with a part-time job is beneficial, the stress that accompanies having a job can make the experience substandard.

From personal experience, I have seen all the ups and down that coincide with having a job. At first, nothing feels better than when you get your first paycheck. The freedom is exhilarating and the adrenaline that comes along with having money you can call your own is beneficial. However, managing to find time to work, get proper sleep, do quality homework, and socialize with friends can be difficult.  It is important to view both the positives and assess the negatives when choosing whether a job is advantageous or not to your lifestyle.

The Positives

  • You’ll gain exposure to all types of people you may not otherwise meet. People of all ages work at most places where teens would be employed. This gives an individual a broader perspective.
  • Money. The ability to support yourself financially and buy all the needs you need. Along with the freedom to purchase anything you want having a job teaches you how to properly budget and save money.
  • Time management skills improve. I found personally that when I had a job that required me to work during the week I really had to learn how to prioritize. The busier I seemed to be the better I was at prioritizing.
  • Gain professional experience. Having a part-time job adds to your resume and looks good on the individual.

The Setbacks

  • When working too many hours it can become near impossible to find time to do anything. Whether it be homework or social time when working 20+ hours a week it is hard to find time for anything.
  • Overwhelming stress. Sometimes the jobs themselves can become too much if the environment at your workplace is stressful. It can be hard to cope with and manage.
  • Can cause grades to suffer if you cannot prioritize school.
  • Can affect the amount of sleep you get each night if it starts becoming overwhelming.

There are many pressures that coincide with school and jobs. With a heavy course load and the expectation to exceed academically while still trying to find time to work, it can become too much. There are some very big setbacks but it is also important to analyze the benefits that come with a job. It is crucial to find a balance between work and school if you want the experience to be positive. As with most things in life it is essential to find that perfect balance that won’t impact your life negatively and instead will prove to be a positive experience.