WCI’s New HOSA Club

WCI is known for having a club for anything and everything. Started by four senior girls, a new club is stepping into the spotlight. WCI is proud to offer a health science club, HOSA, to educate and prepare students to compete in the largest health science competition in Canada. In late March an estimated 3000 students will be coming from across the country to Toronto to compete.

The club creators, Nadine Ghanem, Parmpreet Mangat, Marisa Garach, and Emerald Lin, are all grade 12 girls. At the first meeting, Nadine noticed that “the majority of the people were girls! I’d like to think that that’s because seeing 4 girls running it makes them feel confident in participating.” When asked about women in science, all the girls had great responses. Marisa noted that “A lot of the time women are underrated, but it has gotten a lot better over the years, and women in science will continue to succeed and make an impact just as much as men.” Nadine added that “It’s important for women to be involved in anything they want to be involved in. Science, engineering, law, arts, and everything in between.”

In an exclusive interview with the club creators, I learned why they decided to bring this great opportunity to WCI. Nadine told me that a friend from SJAM told her about this club she was joining called HOSA. She was immediately interested because of her passion for science and medicine but realized that she wouldn’t be able to participate because it didn’t exist at WCI. That was when she decided to rally her friends and teachers to make WCI HOSA possible. Not only is it a fun learning opportunity, but as Marisa mentioned, it’s a great thing to have on your resume, and can even help you get scholarships.

Like DECA, students are given the opportunity to learn about various topics and compete in events they’re interested in. Whether your interests lie in forensic science, veterinary medicine, sports therapy, or medical math, there’s a place for you in HOSA. Even if you’re unsure about your interests, Emerald mentions that HOSA is a great place to discover your interests before going to university. In our interview, Parmpreet said that HOSA is “the perfect environment in which you meet people of the same passion and interest.”

When I asked Mrs. McCarl Palmer and Mrs. Hodgson about health science, they agreed that health science has an impact on our everyday lives, making it incredibly important. Healthcare is evolving quickly, and this club provides students the chance to get on the cutting edge of science. There are countless opportunities within the healthcare field, providing interest all who care to join. The HOSA competition has combinations of written exams, short presentations, and simulated disasters, allowing students to test their hand in all kinds of situations.

For anyone wishing to learn more about HOSA, check out WCI HOSA’s Instagram account, @wci_hosa