University Club

Planning to go to University next year? Then join the Uni Club! The students in charge of the club are Atif Mahmud, Kia Moazzami, and Alex Karanassios and are supervised by Ms. Ridgeway. There is […]

Artist Profile: Max Cohen

Max Cohen, a seventeen year old student at Waterloo. C.I. has been creating covers for almost a year for many different artists. He first started because he had some producer friends that wanted him to […]
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Battle of Waterloo 2017

Battle of Waterloo, the age-old tradition at WCI, is a huge event that is celebrated annually. It is an event that has been going on for as long as I can remember and is valued […]
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Staff Profile: Melissa

This week in our staff profile we will be visiting with supervisor monitor – yes that’s right, not hall monitor – Melissa. I’m sure lots of you have met Melissa, whether she’s told you to […]