We Aren’t Ready

Following the conclusion of the school year, students across Canada make the transition from high school to postsecondary education. The overwhelming excitement of being independent and making new friends clouds our judgement as we leave […]


Spooky Tours

Finding inspiration to make a change in your community can take time, and it comes more naturally to some of us than others. For WCI’s own Kia Tagger, that passion stemmed from an early childhood […]


Grade-Saving Tips

Now that first term marks and report cards are rolling out, many students are realizing that their grades aren’t what they expected. If your marks in the first term of this semester were subpar, don’t […]


In Debt and Full of Regret

A large amount of students after graduating high school choose to pursue further education by going to University or College. Universities and colleges are schools that help further develop specific knowledge that are essential for […]


How to Cope with Stress

As the school year continues overwhelming amounts of stress can start to cloud your brain. With an abundance of schoolwork and pressures to maintain high marks so you can get into university or show your […]


Album Review: Sam Smith

“The Thrill of it All” was definitely a thrill. Sam Smith is back and better than ever. The last we heard from Sam Smith, aside from his album he dropped this week, was in 2014 with […]


Restaurant Review: Sabletine

Sabletine is a pastry and cake shop located on King Street South in Waterloo, just down the street from Uptown Waterloo. The owner, Kate Sauer, is proud to create authentic French pastries and cakes without […]