Restaurant Review: Sabletine

Sabletine is a pastry and cake shop located on King Street South in Waterloo, just down the street from Uptown Waterloo. The owner, Kate Sauer, is proud to create authentic French pastries and cakes without the use of preservatives. Although she has a degree in kinesiology, her true passion has always been baking and you can see that through the food she makes. She went to George Brown College in Toronto for cooking school and then worked as a chef at the Four Seasons in Toronto. She then worked at a now-closed pastry shop in Toronto. She had always contemplated the idea of opening her own shop but it was on a bike trip in France that she felt fully convinced. The name Sabletine is inspired by the village of Sablet in Provence that she visited.

My mom and I went for lunch this week and had a great experience. Although the service was a little slow and it wasn’t cheap, it was well worth it. My mom got a zucchini, tomato, cheddar and goat cheese quiche with a Waldorf salad on the side. I didn’t try it but she said that the pastry was delicious and the topping was crispy. The inside was light and flaky and the fact that it was a square instead of a circle was aesthetically pleasing. The salad had a perfect ratio of lentils, apples, raisins, celery, and nuts although it was slightly overdressed. I ordered a roast chicken sandwich with cranberry mayo, arugula, and brie. It was extremely flavourful and I enjoyed the mystery of the cranberry mayo as I’d never heard of it or tasted it before.

For dessert, we got coffees, three macarons, and a chocolate chunk cookie. The macarons (earl grey tea, chocolate coconut caramel, and raspberry) were different but delicious in their own ways. The macaron, in my opinion, is the quintessential French pastry. I consider myself to be somewhat of a cookie connoisseur and this cookie is by far the best one I’ve ever had. It’s crunchy on the outside and chewy, almost half-baked, on the inside. It’s an almost spiritual experience and you need to try it for yourself. A trip to Sabletine is a must and I highly recommend it.