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How Teacher Absence Affects Students

Everyone gets sick, things come up, and recovery requires time off of school. Missing school for both teachers and students can be quite difficult. It affects everyone in different ways and students find that it […]


Student Profile: Parmpreet Mangat

Parmpreet Mangat is currently a Grade 12 student at WCI. She is a well-rounded student who participates in an immense amount of extracurriculars while managing a full course load of University stream courses. Despite having […]


The Future is Female

The Future is Female; not to be interpreted to say men are the less significant gender, nor is it saying that women are the more significant gender, rather that women will no longer live in […]


Songs to Get You Through Studying

As exams approach, finding ways to keep yourself focused and motivated while studying seems to get more and more challenging. Studying with music in the background certainly isn’t for everyone, but it makes it much […]