Top 5 Water Fountains at WCI

We’ve all done it: asked to go get a drink from the water fountain, had one drink and then taken a leisurely stroll down the hallway for some time out of the classroom. I’m not sure about you, but whenever I do this, I’m never quite sure which water fountain to choose from. My years at WCI that have included hundreds, perhaps thousands of trips to the water fountains, and through these I have obtained a wealth of knowledge on this subject. Ranging in taste from lukewarm sewer water to ice cold tears of angels, there are 17 water fountains displaced throughout the halls of Waterloo Collegiate Institute. I visited them all in a single period, to find out which ones you should be visiting.

  1. Water fountain between 409 and 407

This, coincidentally, is Waterloo Collegiate’s newest water fountain, still retaining its shiny metallic look. It produces no spontaneous noises and has the staple water bottle filler accessory. For some unknown purpose, it has three button triggers that produce a small but reliable, splendid cold stream! It’s located in the upper fourth, one of the quietest hallways, and also one of the hottest year round. Number one for sure!

  1. Water fountain outside of washrooms in science hallway

This fountain is aesthetically pleasing, with an almost identical build to our number one pick. The stream has an average arc and produces cool, tasty water. This fountain also has a water bottle filler, and it has filled 42771 water bottles as of today. The location of this fountain is in a busier, noisier area of WCI, which bumps this drinking fountain down to number two spot.

  1. Water fountain near 234 (ESL)

This water fountain has the classic build, though the nozzle has a baseball cap on its front. This Is a button triggered fountain, but still produces a reliable stream. Though it still doesn’t taste as good, the stream is much colder.

  1. Main office water fountain

Base cap nozzle. Classic white. Button trigger. Nothing special. Clean. High arc, with a cool stream.

  1. Water fountain outside 312

This water fountain is classic white, with a lid that almost makes it look like a toilet. Baseball cap nozzle with a button trigger, nothing special at the outset.This fountain has a high arc when pushed hard enough, and tastes cold!

Honourable Mentions/Suggestions

  1. Water fountain in ABCD hallway

This water fountain is classic white, though shinier than usual fountains. Baseball cap nozzle. Button trigger. Low, unreliable stream of slightly cool water. *would steer clear based on hallway

  1. Water fountain in lower third

Classic white, though even smaller than usual. Slightly dirty. Baseball cap nozzle. Button trigger. EXTREMELY high arc that misses the bowl completely and hits the floor. Water marks on side of wall and locker. Completely unreliable stream and will shoot you in the face. Cold. *Shoutout to janitorial for fixing this fountain

  1. Water fountain outside caf

I feel compelled to share the WORST water fountain in the entire school. This water fountain is identical to the water fountains that take our top two spots, though its glory days are clearly over. It produces a strange, monstrous noise when the button is pushed (and occasionally on its own). One of the three buttons is broken, leaving its piping and wires exposed. This water fountain is often accompanied by the music of pop or rap, and sweaty students doing exercises right beside you. *CAUTION- may also smell of body odor.