Staff Profile: VP Erika Litschgy

Our new vice principal, Erika Litschgy, may be just what WCI needs to mix things up. She comes from a unique background, where she did everything from teaching science to organizing wrestling tournaments.

Litschgy is a self-proclaimed nerd, so she loves everything science-related. In the past, she was a science department head. Now, she’s decided that being a VP is the best way to improve the lives of students. While Litschgy previously taught at Preston, Huron Heights, and Galt, she says she excited to be at WCI now. Before coming here, Litschgy heard tons of great things about WCI, like “the diversity, the great programming, the music, the arts, and the culture.”

As a new staff member, Litschgy hopes to offer a fresh perspective on WCI. For her, this year is about “checking things out and seeing where [WCI] has a need, because sometimes it’s hard to see where you need support when you’re in it all the time.” Litschgy is excited and ready to become an important part of our community.