Semi 2018, Changing for the Better

WCI’s annual semi-formal dance is held just after the start of the second semester. Throughout the year, WCI has very few dances: grade nine party in September, which is for grade nines and grad buddies only; Arts Ball and Athletic Banquet in May, which are both awards ceremony and dances; prom in May, which is reserved for senior students; and semi in February, which is a full-on dance open to the whole school. For some students, semi is the only dance they go to, which makes it extra special. This year, WCI’s semi will be held on Friday February 16th.

For as long as anyone can remember, semi has been held at St. George’s Banquet Hall. But students aren’t impressed with this venue; a massive room filled with tables and an awkward dance floor right in the middle. Grade 11 student Julie Glofcheskie suggested that WCI should “maybe get a club instead of a banquet hall because of all the excess space.” Many students agree that St. George’s just isn’t working anymore. The big, empty floor doesn’t feel inviting for dancers; this results in students standing around the edge for upwards of an hour, waiting for the dance to really start. Unfortunately, students will have to wait a while longer for a venue change; WCI’s upcoming semi will once again be held at St. George’s Banquet Hall.

Decorations at semi have been disappointing in the recent years. For the ‘Up in Flames’ theme the venue was filled with red, orange, and yellow balloons. For ‘Neon Lights’, glow sticks were handed out by the door. Obviously, efforts are being made, but students don’t feel like it’s enough. Brianna Wey commented that “having a theme is kind of pointless if there aren’t enough decorations to represent the theme,” and other students agree. A theme for this year’s semi is ‘Winter Wonderland.’

The number one thing students want to change for semi is the music. As one student described, “when the songs weren’t old or unknown, they were being played on top of each other like a bad remix.” Music is the most important part of a dance because when the music isn’t good, no one wants to dance. This year’s semi committee is working hard to find a new DJ, to the relief of students. With the possibility of a new, better DJ, many students are more excited about this year’s semi.

While semi at WCI may not be a Hollywood event, students admit that they still love it. They enjoy “being able to dress up a bit and just hang out with friends.” This year, the semi committee is working harder than ever to make the event special. In the end, regardless of the venue or decor, it’s a night full of memories for students in all grades.

Header photo by Regan Kat, 2016