Artist Profile: Annabelle Duff

Annabelle is one of many extraordinary artists here at WCI. Whether you’ve seen her dancing as a Spirit Dancer in an assembly, playing violin in our school’s orchestra, or even doing both in a school show, her talent is undeniable. Her extensive training in both fields has definitely paid off, shaping her into the artist she is today. Annabelle recently concluded training in violin as she overall preferred dance and wanted to focus on it more but she still remains a very well-rounded artist. I caught up with Annabelle to ask her a few questions.


  • What art forms are you involved in?

I am involved in dance and violin but more so dance as I’ve spent more time and dedicated myself to it more.

  • How long have you been involved in dance and violin?

I have danced for 12 years now and I did violin for about 8 years.

  • Where do you train/practice them?

I train at Carousel Dance Center and I had a private teacher for violin.


  • What does art mean to you?

Art to me is a way to let my mind go and allow me to concentrate on one thing. It’s normal for many teenagers to experience stress and feel overwhelmed but dance helps me forget all that stuff and be in a different mindset. Art is an awesome way to convey a feeling or message. It’s special because each person can interpret it and relate to it differently (similarly in music).

  • How does WCI enable your artistic abilities?

There are lots of opportunities for dance and strings at WCI. We have 2 annual productions. Last year, West Side Story had tons of dance and many opportunities in Arts and Culture Fest. Although I wish our school had a dance team where we recruit more dancers, there are still many opportunities to seek out.

  • Best memory?

My best memory in dance would be working towards a ballet exam every year. Although ballet is not my favourite style of dance, I pushed myself to complete several R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) exams to further my ballet technique as it is the foundation of dance and many other styles.

My best memory in music would be finishing book 5 of the violin Suzuki books. My teacher would tell me that after book 5 I would have completed most of the skills. Now that I don’t take lessons anymore, I am glad I pushed through that book. In the future, if I wanted to pick up the violin, I could remember the basics.

  • Worst memory?

My worst memory would be a long-term teacher that I had since I was a little girl. A few years ago she moved on from being a dance teacher. I looked up to her and she was a great mentor so it was sad to see her leave. In violin, my worst memory would just be quitting. I’ve been playing since grade 2 now so it has been a huge part of my life. It was sad to leave it but I knew that it wouldn’t be the last time I touch the violin.

  • Future plans?

I plan on furthering my education in university and would like to continue dancing on the side with friends. I would not be the same person I am today without it; since my focus has always been dance I will most likely want to keep that on my side. As for music, I will always keep my violin at home as I will want to pick it back up.


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