Winter Open Stage Celebration

Prior to the end of 2017, as we readied ourselves for the last school day before winter break, WCI’s drama council presented us with their Winter Open Stage Celebration, an hour-long exposition showcasing the wide variety of talents that students at WCI have to offer. Classes that wished to attend gathered in the auditorium during the last two blocks of the school day, along with many staff and the students involved in the show. Once everyone was seated and ready to go, the acts began. Duncan Manning, previously seen in the production of Macbeth, took the role of emcee, and one by one, presented the diverse set of performances that had been brought together. From the audience’s standpoint, it was wonderful to not only enjoy familiar faces we tend to see involved in our arts community, but to also discover new, previously unheard performers as well. With acts such as The Improvables, WCI’s own improv team, there was no lack of involvement from the audience either, creating an overall welcoming feel to the celebration. For those who were unable to attend the event, we are hoping to see many more in the future, for it was a lovely way to end the year, bringing all of WCI communities together. The following photographs, taken by Chloe McDonald, are of each of the acts that performed in this year’s show.