Athlete Profile: Samson Walsom

Samson Walsom is a Waterloo. C.I. grade 12 student that contributes to athletics inside and outside of school. Walsom is planning to take a fifth year, with sports playing a major factor in the decision.

For school, Walsom plays and has played for the rugby and hockey teams. Walsom hit the ice at the age of 3, and started hockey when he was 4. “My parents put me in hockey and they saw that I showed a lot of interest so I kept going.” To this day hockey plays a major role in Walsom’s life and he is now on the Waterloo Wolves Major Midget AAA team. He started playing rugby in grade 9 for the school team and enjoyed it so much he decided to play outside of school for the Waterloo County and Team Eastern Ontario. “I started rugby because my friend’s brother played and he showed us in grade 9. I really enjoy contact sports so I decided to try it out.”

Being involved in athletics has given Walsom multiple new skills. He has learned how to work hard, how to stay focused, and teamwork skills like working with people and how to lead a team. Walsom says he’s involved in athletics because they’re enjoyable and they keep him active. They allow him to be the best he can be. He tries his best to impress his coaches and his parents. Walsom would say Connor McDavid is one of his favourite hockey players and is someone he looks up to.

Although the athletics are enjoyable Walsom says he has his struggles. “Sports take up a lot of my time. Especially for hockey, I play a lot of games out of town. It’s a lot of commitment and it’s a very high demand game so I get really tired.” Walsom says he can look past all the difficulties because of all the good things that come out of sports. He’s made a lot of close friends in both hockey and rugby, and being able to play a game with them that they all love is very fun. “I love the physicality of hockey and rugby and I love the feeling after getting a goal.”

Walsom encourages others to get involved in athletics and gives some advice. “Never give up, give yourself more credit, and develop good relationships with your team and coaches.”