Leave It In 2017

Last year was jam packed with trends that all of us unintentionally seemed to partake in. These trends helped to define the year 2017. Some of these trends proved to be rather needless and foolish but some of us fell victim to participating in them. I picked the top trends that I believe need to be left in 2017.

Using everything possible as a beauty blender

Just stick to the original beauty blender. Eggs, condoms, or any other product is not going to work the same.

Fidget Spinners

This year everyone seemed to go crazy for fidget spinners but they seemed to be a useless, junk buy. They are already outdated and serve little purpose.

Wavy Eyebrows

Whoever thought this trend was good? Wavy eyebrows have no place in 2018.

Fur Slippers

Adding fur on to slides serves no purpose and makes the slippers tacky.


Just make it stop.


Homemade slime made a bit of a comeback in 2017. The Instagram accounts devoted to the appeal of slime is outdated and trivial.

Lace-up V-Necks

Lace-up V-Necks were cute in the beginning but now they are just overdone and found in every store.

Designer Crocs

In 2017, we saw Balenciaga make a pair of designer crocs… Let’s hope to never see them hit the runway ever again.

Male Rompers (A.K.A. The ‘RompHim’)

The name itself proves how comical the Romphim is. The RompHim is unflattering and has no need to make its way into 2018.