New Teacher Profile: Ms. Ramchandani

Our staff is always changing, Vikes, and the latest addition to our team is Ms. Ramchandani. You can find Ms. R In the Foods room teaching Foods and Family Studies or in the gyms after school coaching Jr. Girls volleyball. Ms. R is hip, very friendly and easy to approach. If you see her in the halls, say hi or ask her how her day is going. You will be greeted with a smile and friendly response.  She is also quite young so it’s nice a change of scenery around our school. An interesting fact about Ms. R is she doesn’t live local she actually lives in Mississauga and commutes an hour every day to get to WCI for her first-period class. It doesn’t stop there, though. After teaching her first-period class she then drives to GCI (Galt Collegiate Institute) to teach the remainder of the day there. Then after done teaching at GCI if there is volleyball practice she then drives back to WCI to coach. She has taught at a few other schools before WCI such as Westside Secondary in Orangeville, and Holmer Green. When asked what she likes about WCI so far she said we have very welcoming staff and students and she feels at home in our school. She says she wouldn’t change anything about our school. All in all Ms. R is a great addition to our staff and I hope to see more of her in the future.