Artist Profile: Sierra Olsthoorn

Sierra Olsthoorn is an excellent student, musician, and friend to many. Voted the “Next Beethoven” in our grad polls this year, I felt it was necessary that we catch a glimpse into the life of WCI’s future star. Sierra is currently in grade 12 and is turning 18 this year.


Fjord: Tell me five things about you!

Sierra: I play tennis, I teach tennis, I’m involved in lots of extracurriculars, I enjoy skiing and I love doing well in school!

Fjord: When did you start playing an instrument and what instrument was it?

Sierra: I first started playing the violin, and I started when I was five.

Fjord: Do you have any amazing memories to share?

Sierra: I don’t know, over the years it’s always just been a lot of fun. When I was little, my mom would set up a ton of stuffed animals, and I would perform for them. Also, the solo that I performed last year with Vivaldi spring was a lot of fun.

Fjord: What is your favourite instrument and why?

Sierra: My favourite instrument is the violin because out of all the instruments I’ve played it’s the easiest and you can be more expressive with the violin than other instruments in my opinion.

Fjord: If you had to choose a musical piece that describes you, what would it be?

Sierra: I’m gonna say… Vivaldi Spring, because it’s very happy and joyful throughout the whole thing, and that’s the type of person I would like to be.

Fjord: Who is your favourite composer? Favourite non-classical artist?

Sierra: Sarah Cheng.

Fjord: Do you see music as a hobby or more as a potential career?

Sierra: Right now it’s a hobby, but I can start teaching violin now, and it could be a potential career. I’m not sure if it’s what I want to go into, but I really enjoy playing in orchestras, so that’s something I definitely see in my future.

Fjord: What are some of your accomplishments when it comes to music?

Sierra: So for the last two years here at WCI, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to perform solo with the WCI chamber orchestra, and those have always been a lot of fun and a highlight of the year. This past year actually, I was the concertmaster of the Kitchener Waterloo youth orchestra, and the concertmaster first term of the WCI senior orchestra, and this next term I’m going to be concertmaster of the chamber orchestra. For the last couple years, I’ve made it to provincials for music and Violin, and I’m hoping to do the same this year!