Artist Profile: Brittany (Hope) Anonthysene

Fjord: How are you?

Brittany: Pretty good, I’m pretty stressed about exams coming.  

Fjord: What exams do you have?

Brittany: English, Bio, and Chem.

Fjord: Which is your hardest course?

Brittany: They’re all really tough, but I really need to raise my mark for English and Chem, because they’re the hardest for me.

Fjord: Well I wish you good luck with your marks! But I have some questions about music. You have been involved in many school productions like Multi, Concept and the AC Fest, could you tell us a little bit about your experience with school music?

Brittany: Okay so I tried out for Concept in grade 9 and I didn’t make it [laughs] so I kind of lost a bit of motivation to do singing at school, but then Coffee House was like, you just walk in and you didn’t have to audition or anything so I did it with my sister, and people seemed to really enjoy our little performance. I gained a bit more confidence and I tried out for Multi! And I just fell in love with doing shows, and I auditioned for both Concept and Multi the year after! I’m in Orchestra which  I’ve been in since grade 9, I play the violin. The pieces are really hard, so it’s a challenge, but when I finally get it, and we play as an orchestra it’s really fun.

Fjord: That’s awesome, when did you start playing the violin?

Brittany: I started playing when I was 7, and then I quit lessons when I was 13.

Fjord: Was that your first instrument?

Brittany: Yes.

Fjord: Do you play any other instruments?

Brittany: I also took lessons for the electric bass for about… three years? And I taught myself how to play a little bit of guitar, piano, and uke.

Fjord: Which one’s your favourite and why?

Brittany: Either the piano or guitar, because it gives me something to sing to.

Fjord: How long have you been singing?

Brittany: Since I came out of my mom’s womb [bursts out laughing]. I sang in my church’s choir when I was five.

Fjord: What artist inspired you?

Brittany: Tori Kelly. I guess I liked her because the fame never got to her, she never changed since she started.

Fjord: Is she still your favourite artist?

Brittany: Not really, I still really like her, but my music taste has changed since then. I listen to a lot of rap, R&B, and hip-hop. I usually listen to Gucci Mane, Trippie Redd, PnB rock, and Angelo. I also enjoy Jhene Aiko, Khalid, Frank Ocean, and Bryson Tiller.

Fjord: What have you recently been up to in terms of music?

Brittany: Lately I’ve been songwriting, and I’m thinking about putting out my first single on SoundCloud but it’s probably going to take a while because I want my first one to be perfect. I’m currently working on three other songs that I can hopefully turn into an EP. I’ve been working with someone who sent me an EDM beat they made, and I’ve been writing some lyrics to sing for them, so hopefully, that will be out soon. I worked with Ken Gao, we made a song called Looking at Me which you can find it on all music platforms! I’m also involved in AC fest, and I’m singing Lost by Frank Ocean with Owen and Marisa!

Fjord: Would you consider music a hobby or potential career?

Brittany: Definitely a hobby, but hopefully in the future, it can turn into something.

Fjord: Well thank you so much, Brittany, we look forward to seeing you in the show! Good luck with your exams!