Photo Series 2018: Various Places to Sit

Since everyone is always on the go and moving from place to place, I thought it would fun to document the different places that someone would sit around at my house.

This chair is used to sit at the kitchen counter tops, while someone is watching TV or doing homework.

This chair is the one used by my dad when he is going to watch TV or do crossword puzzles.

These are extra chairs for our dining room table if their are guests over at our house.

This chair mostly sits in the corner and is rarely touched by anyone, but otherwise still a comfortable chair to relax and unwind from the day.

This couch is great for if you want to lay and take a short nap, or to play video games on the TV from this seat is also very enjoyable.

This couch is used downstairs occasionally when i’d rather watch something different from what my dad is watching.