The Juiciest Memes of 2017

Memes became even more popular than ever before in the year 2017, and today I would like to take a look back at some the spiciest memes of this past year.


The spongebob mocking meme was all twitter this year, for some unforeseen reason. People use the picture of spongebob to have a mocking tone towards an opinion or point of view. This is an example below.

The floor is: This meme involves the classic game of the floor is lava, with the picture representing things that you would rather avoid.

Expanding Brain: The meme compares to brain size of the individual relative to other variables. The expanding brain is supposed to represent intellectual superiority, yet it usually implying the opposite.  

Tiny Trump: This meme is pretty simple. Take any image of Donald Trump and shrink him in size compared to everyone else in the picture. Voila, you know have a tiny trump meme.

Rick and Morty Fans: Rick and Morty has become a more popular show as the year went on, and as the popularity grew so did it’s fanbase. This meme focuses on how many viewers of the show think highly of themselves compared to individuals who don’t watch the show.

IT: This meme revolves around of the first scenes of the movie where the clown attempts to lure Georgie into the sewer drain. In the meme the clown persuades the person with whatever and then they accept and get into the sewer drain with him unlike the movie.

Living in 3017: This meme always involves the phrase, Y’all living in 2017, but this guy already in 3017. The photo accompanying it is usually of someone who has an unusual pattern of thinking in solving simple problems.