Waterloo’s University Options

Waterloo is home to two great university options: Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, located down the street from one another as well as down the street from WCI. The universities may be close to one another but they both have different things to offer.

Wilfrid Laurier University is known for being the business school. Laurier offers a great business program with lots of post-grad success. That is not all they offer, though. They offer many other great educational opportunities in science, math, health studies, computer science, and psychology. The campus at Laurier is smaller compared to a more traditional one like Waterloo, but that is not necessarily a downside as it can present more social opportunities as well as give a more personal feel to learning. Laurier offers excellent co-op placements to their students letting them get essential job experience in their field. In addition, if you want to be involved with your school as well as your community, Laurier offers nearly 50 community service learning course across 23 departments. Finally, Laurier is located near Uptown Waterloo, so students have many clothing, entertainment, and food options a short walk from campus. Overall, Laurier is a great school that gives students a personal feel to their education. It offers great co-op opportunities and is located near Uptown Waterloo giving the students tons of things to do.

The other University option is the University of Waterloo (UW), it a very competitive school that is recognized all over the world. People from many different countries flock to attend UW’s programs. UW is mostly known for engineering and math and is a highly accredited school placing in the top 160 schools in the world and in the top 10 in Canada. Other programs offered include health sciences, kinesiology, sciences, business, arts, and many others. The campus is large and has a very modern feel. UW also has impressive state of the art technology and labs giving students the most up to date education and tools. One drawback of UW is that the competitive nature of the school can lead to an impersonal education due to the expectations put on students. However, UW has some of the best co-op opportunities out of any university getting students placed with leading companies in many industries. Finally, UW is located a 5-minute drive from Uptown Waterloo but has its own set of plazas, food, and entertainment. In summary, University of Waterloo is a great school to attend for an education that will last a lifetime and it has some of the best co-op opportunities available to students.

Laurier and UW are great post-high school options. Both universities specialize in different areas but both offer a great education. Laurier and UW have great co-op programs making sure students are getting work experience in their fields. As well they offer great opportunities to be involved with the school and community. You really can’t go wrong in Waterloo.