Artist Profile: Andy Gao

How long have you been doing art for?

I started doing art when I was in grade 9, so I guess I have been doing art for 3 years now!

What inspired you to get into art?

Money, just kidding haha! Well, I kind of started art because I did not like any of the other subjects like English, Math or Science, so I decided to try art and I ended up loving it! And here I am, applying for an Animation for post-secondary.

What artists do you look up to?

Well the one I look up to the most, he is not really too popular, his name is Josh Tissen.

What kind of art is your favourite to produce?

Well I do two types of art, drawing and painting, but my major focus comes to painting.

What do you like so much about art?

I think everyone has their own reasons why they love art. Why I love art is that you can express yourself in so many ways and you can also explore yourself with your creativity.

What does art mean to you?

Art has so many meanings to me, I mean, art means life. There is art everywhere, turn around and you will see art, anywhere you look you will always see art.

Do you want to pursue a career in the art field? What is it?

Yes, I do, animation. My goal is for one day to be the animator of a famous Disney movie and become a well-known movie animator.

How did you learn your art skills?

I guess I was born with them haha, no seriously, because I have never taken any classes or had a teacher before.

What advice can you give to other artists?

Well, I am not too sure of what kind of advice I can give but what I can say is that practice is Key, if you do not practice then don’t expect to get anywhere. So keep practicing and following your dreams.


Thank you to Andy Gao for his time and openness for this interview. You can check out his work around the school and on his Instagram.