The Review on “Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: A.I., Shame and Lots of Cameras”


According to this report, Chinese Police have caught several dangerous criminals, including some felons through their use of facial recognition Camera Software. The author believed that the application of facial recognition in the field of security would be harmful to human rights, he connected it with the history of P.R.C. and doubted the human rights situation — as they always do.

Comparing China with the U.S., they have similar national territory area, the population of China is 4 times of that of the U.S., which means that it costs a lot more manpower to manage the entire society. An effective way to reduce such cost could live within the new surveillance system. Moreover, those cameras are set in public spaces; such as squares, parks and major intersections. There is no evidence saying that those cameras are hiding in citizens’ apartments. So, generally speaking, I cannot say that it is an illegal move.“china surveillance camera”的图片搜索结果

Mr. Mozur said, “China is reversing the commonly held vision of technology as a great democratizer, bringing people more freedom and connecting them to the world. In China, it has brought control”. I started to doubt that whether he is a supporter of anarchism. If so, then his view is so naive. There is no absolute freedom. Any proposition only focusing on human rights regardless of public interest is unacceptable. Learning from history, we can see that if the government cannot make sure that public security is under control, the people would be easily used by foreign incitements, Ukraine is a perfect example.

By the way, there are less Chinese people afraid of being shot than those in the United States. And there is less drug in China as well thanks to the surveillance system, because the police have more information about the drug deals.

Any comments without considering the situation of the reality are powerless. People should see their society macroscopically.