Artist Profile: Vedang Bhattacharya

1. Who are you and what type of art do you produce?

Hi, my names Vedang, I’m a 17-year-old student in grade 12 that loves to sing and take photos. I also recently found an interest in acting, which led me to have a role in Wizard of OZ.

2. Why do you like taking photos, singing and acting?

My photos are a portal to my soul. My music describes what kind of person I am. As for drama I just enjoy it because it’s fun.

3.  How long have you been singing or taking pictures?

I have always loved listening to music growing up, but I really got into it when I was in 10th grade. I also never took singing classes, I was sorta self-taught. I started to get into photography when I was doing a little research about cameras and photography, then I was gifted a camera on my birthday before I left India.

4. What type of camera were you gifted?

I was gifted A Canon 700D, a DSLR camera.

5. Do you just sing or do you also play any instruments?

Yes, I play the guitar, and a little bit of the ukulele. Oh, I also played the cello back then.

6. What type of photos do you like to take?

I like to take photos of nature because plants and animals don’t complain about how they look.

7. Do plan on pursuing photography, music, or acting? 

I would love to pursue something with music because I love singing. taking photos and acting is just a hobby of mine.

8. Do you have a favourite project you have done?

One the songs I loved singing was “Flying To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra on my Instagram @vedang_b. As for photography, I loved doing it as my passion project in grade 11.

9. Do you have any advice for people who are into music or photography?

A lot of people say this but it’s true, practice makes perfect. Also to any photographer out there, never use auto on cameras!



I would like to give a special thanks to Vedang for allowing me to interview him, make sure you follow his Instagram: @vedang_b.