About OFF-WHITE: Virgil Abloh on Creativity

Founded in 2014, OFF-WHITE has been very popular since its birth. For the founder of the brand, Virgil Abloh, the purpose of OFF-WHITE is to make up for the gap that his former fashion brand Pyrex Vision could not present, that is, to combine street fashion with high fashion. Virgil Abloh is the designer of Kanye West, and naturally has a celebrity resource that other brands can’t match. Overnight, this New York street brand successfully captured young people around the world. OFF-WHITE is a rising star because of his unique design style, which is in line with the personality of young people in our generation. However, designer Virgil Abloh has made OFF-WHITE which is a street brand slowly transforming into a fashion brand.

(Virgil Abloh at Apolis Community Centre. Photo: Apolis)

Born in Chicago, Virgil Abloh’s major was not in fashion. He studied Construction Engineering and worked for an architect after graduation. In 2002, Virgil Abloh switched to the Kanye West’s team and began to design clothes. In 2012, he founded the street brand PYREX VISION. Later, to make up for the lack of Pyrex Vision’s inability and to combine street fashion with high-end fashion, Off-White was established. The reason why Off-White is now so popular is that the former brand Pyrex vision has been indispensable. If there is no PYREX to pave the way, it will not be able to occupy the young trend market in less than four years.

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Off-white is rooted in modern cultural tastes. With a specific point of view, they collected men’s and women’s fashion in different seasons altogether. All of Off-white products are built on a concept that fits every season. Off-white is a young brand that accepts the present complexly.

Let’s take a look at the Off-White c19 spring and summer menswear runway.

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Off-White 2019 spring and summer menswear series still dominates the American street style. This series is full of youth and using the illustration pattern once again. The designers used Simpson, which is very popular among teenagers as one of the elements make the design outstanding.Graffiti on denim, and the loose and asymmetrical jeans are also the highlights of these designs.