Liam Droeske: Athlete Profile

Liam Droeske is a student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI) who participates in sports inside and outside of school. Sports play a huge role for Droeske and he believes that they have helped him develop key attributes in becoming who he is today. “Man without sports, I wouldn’t be the same person. Thank god I was introduced to athletics at such an early age, respects to my parents and peers.”

Liam has played football since he was six years old for the Waterloo Region Minor Football Association, or recently named “The Region”, and just recently stopped playing for local rep teams. Droeske also participates in high school football where he excelled as a grade 9 middle linebacker for the Junior Varsity Team and continues his football success as a grade 12 quarterback/ receiver/ linebacker for the Senior Football Team. He loves the sport, stating, “Football is so sick bro”

Droeske also participates in Rugby where his football skills transferred over fantastically. Droeske represents Team Ontario, Waterloo County Rugby and Waterloo Collegiate mainly as a fly-half or inside the centre. Last year, Droeske was one of the few grade eleven starters on the Senior Boys Rugby team which won WCSSAA. “I just love lighting kids up and rugby just brings all the boys together, it’s dope!”

As much of an athlete as Droeske is, he excels in the classroom even though sports tend to take up a lot of his time, Which forces him to organize a balanced week of academics and athletics. Although this may possibly be his last year at WCI, as he might not be taking the fifth year, Droeske believes that the bonds and relationships he has made within sports will continue to benefit him in every facet of life.