Spotify Playlist: The Mood of Autumn

With every new season, our tastes change dramatically, especially during the stark uniqueness of Autumn. Whether it be looking for pumpkin laced food or movies to chill our bones, we adore finding a new way to embrace the transitional season. But of course, our music changes the most, reflecting the rustic emotion the leaves lining streets portray. With this week’s Spotify playlist, we’ve set to amplify these autumn moments with music built for the time of year, stringing it all together through four conceptual themes that the season has continually personified.


New School

Lovers Rock – TV Girl

20 Something – SZA

Indecision – Sampha

Speed – Ryan Beatty

Break – Jack Larsen

Chanel – Frank Ocean

Japanese Denim  – Daniel Caesar

Baby Boy – Choker

Saint – Blood Orange


With new school Autumn music, there’s above all a heavy emphasis on the moods expressed in sound. Lyricism takes a back seat to a human longing of connection with nature in a disconnected world. These songs will speak to the youth in you and remind you of the freedom adolescence gives, while embracing your ears with melodic beauty.



Jesus Etc. – Wilco  

Reckless – Kevin Krauter

Violence) – Dijon

Nico’s Red Truck – Dijon

For Emma – Bon Iver

Creature Fear – Bon Iver

29 #Strafford APTS – Bon Iver


One of the core pieces to a good autumn day is some easy going acoustic music that just brims with history and community in every note. This is the essence of Americana music, a rustic genre that holds a special place of honesty in the human connection. In this set of songs, you’ll find yourself feeling as though you’re speeding down an American highway, with few questions and fewer concerns.


Night time

(She’s) Just a Phase – Puma Blue

Easy Easy – King Krule


Moon River – Frank Ocean

Streetcar – Daniel Caesar

33 “GOD” – Bon Iver


And of course, there’s nothing more magical than an Autumn night, the breeze chilly sand foreshadowing winter as a candle burns through the endless darkness. With these tracks, an aesthetic of relaxation and evening sorrow fills the mid with ease. They truly exemplify the ups and downs of Autumn and the upsetting, yet comforting, the realization of the seasons to come.



Golden Hour – Stevie Wonder

These Days – Nico

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac


But what playlist would be complete with the classics, the time-tested songs that never cease to fill us with joy and replicate memories we’ve experienced with them before. We kept this section short as to continually introduce people to lesser-known music, but it would be a crime not to include music that is undoubtedly perfect for this time of year.