Are Sales 100% a rip off?

Sales, sales, sales are EVERYWHERE. They appear prominently on holiday seasons, but they also exist throughout the year. Whether it’s 10% or 75% off, it always sounds like a great deal to many shoppers. We are now […]


The Value of a Fifth Year

   As the end of the calendar year grows ever closer, one burden becomes heavy upon the shoulders of senior students: university applications. The anxiety of not knowing which doors will be open in the […]


Vapers at WCI

Vaping. It’s something that a lot of teens do In class, bathrooms, cars, outside. Practically everywhere. The majority of teens have some sort of vaporizer that they use frequently, but none of us actually know […]


History Of Animation

Why is animation important, does it even matter? Animation is important because it brings our dreams and fantasies to life. We all grew up watching cartoons on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, etc. Animation is […]