The Migrant Caravan – Is It Really Going to Be Solved?

On October 29 the second migrant caravan already reached Mexico. President Donald Trump announced on October 30 that 5200 troops were going to be sent to the southern border of Mexico. However, in an interview of him with Fox News, he said that he will order to build a “tent city” for those immigrants from Middle America. This is the scene that no one has ever seen. Starting with 60 people, and the help of social media, this idea spread across Middle American countries and the group expanded to thousands of people. They started to walk from San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras and decided to enter the U.S. to finish their journey.

The original purpose of gathering together was to avoid being robbed, kidnapped or killed along the way. But those sponsors never thought there was going to be over 14,000 participants. Thinking with reason without sympathy or hate, it can be a great trouble for any country in the world. If they try to enter the border by force, they will be a huge trouble for the police and the armed forces recently sent to the border. The unmanaged crowd may lead to great chaos on the border. In Mexico, the police tried to discourage the migrants from going across the border, and the immigrants used stones, firecrackers, and sticks in return for their law enforcement. The second wave of immigrants “put elderly, pregnant women and children in the front to prevent them from being crushed” according to the words of Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida. Nevertheless, the Mexican government also has some achievements. They have successfully issued over 300 temporary identification number for the migrants and 1895 of them have applied for refugee status. Meanwhile, hundreds of migrants accepted assists and returned to their countries of origin.

But they are still 1000 miles away from the U.S.-Mexico border.

This incident grabs a great deal of attention for the Republicans, and the news was successfully released before the Midterm Election. Donald Trump’s hard-line stand will definitely gain the support from the conservative and some middle ground constituencies. Fear and panic are what he wants to see. In this case, Trump can use the power of the president to send troops and ask Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras to stop the migrant caravan. If done, the number of migrants can be significantly reduced before they reached the U.S.-Mexico border, the effectiveness of Trump government will be proved, and the negative effect of Pittsburgh Shooting on the election cannot be covered. Considering the success in the appointment of Judge Cavanaugh, the Republicans will get an overwhelming advantage over the Democrats if they can continue being hardliners on the migrant caravan issue and win the Midterm Election.

When facing tough domestic trouble, politicians usually tend to make people focus on some other events that may “threat” the country. They can rebuild their public impression and gain support easily. Even President Trump said more soldiers were to be sent to the border, he will keep this issue unsolved and bring it out when he needs it again. Today he uses this as the excuse to reduce the financial support for Middle American countries, and tomorrow he can use this as the excuse to build his border wall as long as this issue still exists. When it is solved, the attention of the public will be dragged to some other incidents such as his tax evasion problems.

Generally speaking, the scale of this immigration wave will be reduced when they are crossing Mexico to the U.S., and asylum will be provided to most of them because refusing to offer asylum is violating international law. But there might be detention and isolation en mass once the caravan eventually arrives.



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