North America’s PUBG MVP Heading to Dubai for the World Championship 2018

Sam’s official TeamGates jersey, via: email


 Sam L., a senior WCI student, came to Canada from South Korea in 2016. He has always been a brilliant student and focused on school, being a high academic achiever. But since March 19, 2018, his focus shifted. That is the day that Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile was released. Samuel Lim immediately became hooked to the game, not playing like a normal teenager that does so for enjoyment, instead, Sam had a passion for intense competition and glory. When he would be playing he would be so focused that he would not let anything from the world distract him from winning the match, “When I play PUBG I pretend like I am inside the game and feel the action in my bones”, said Sam.

TeamGates’ gaming booth at PMSC NA, via: email

In PUBG, there are many different ranks, starting from Bronze all they until Conqueror. When you get to Conqueror rank, it means that you are top 500 in the whole server. Sam managed to reach this level within only two weeks of playing PUBG Mobile. Since then, Sam was recruited by an advanced PUBG team and alongside them, he started taking part in different PUBG tournaments. Sam won many of those tournaments and reached #1 PUBG Player in Canada by June 2018. When he achieved the #1 spot in Canada he decided to apply to a professional PUBG tournament. Not only did he get accepted, but also walked away with the victory.

TeamGates being awarded the PMSC NA championship, via: Instagram (@samuel_l.i.m)


After showing everyone on PUBG that he was a world class player, he got an offer to join professional E-Sports team, TeamGates. This was a monumental shift for Sam. “Joining TeamGates is such important phase in my life and career in total”, Sam stated. TeamGates reached #4 top team in North America, qualifying for the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge North America in Los Angeles, California.

TeamGates qualified to the PMSC NA being #4 in North America. Sam was a key player for TeamGates as he was eliminating squads by himself, sniping and confirming headshots while throwing grenades at critical moments. Close to the final rounds, there were two top teams that were definitely going to qualify, what was unknown was who would get first place and who would get second. In one of the final rounds, there was only two people left, Sam (TeamGates) and Alchemy (UnderRated). It was 1v1, whoever killed the opponent would get an important amount of points that would really increase their possibilities of winning. Sam spotted Alchemy and within seconds confirmed the victory for him and his team. “I was confident, we went out to kill everyone, there was one opponent left so I had to stay calm and watch my moves and it worked.”, Sam stated after TeamGates’ key win. After a couple other rounds, TeamGates continued towards the top and at the end were crowned as North American champions. Sam not only won the championship but he was also awarded as “North America’s MVP” as he was the player to get the most kills and the highest score. “We knew this tournament was going to be an interesting challenge for all teams, GANKstars and Wildcard gave us a tough fight.”, said Sam referring to the other contesting squads.

Sam sitting at the TeamGates booth for the PMSC NA, via: Instagram (@samuel_l.i.m)

After becoming the North American champions, they will now take on other top teams from other regions in the world. Sam will be going to Dubai in November to try to conquer the whole world and the title of “PUBG’s World’s MVP”. Sam feels confident and has hope in his team being able to take home the gold, “It will be tough, just like North America regionals but we have a great team. We have one of the world’s best players and I’m really excited to see what is gonna happen in Dubai!”, expressed Sam about the World Championship. The PUBG PMSC World Championship will be contested from November 29 – December 3, 2018.