Vapers at WCI

Vaping. It’s something that a lot of teens do In class, bathrooms, cars, outside. Practically everywhere. The majority of teens have some sort of vaporizer that they use frequently, but none of us actually know the long-term effects of it. There hasn’t been enough research on vaping to know if it is actually better than smoking, besides the fact that there is not any tobacco in vape juices. But do we really know what is actually in vape juice?

I thought it would be fun to go around my school and ask about vaping here. I asked students and teachers their opinions on it and if they have ever tried it, and by the results, it seems that there are quite a lot of vapers at Waterloo Collegiate Institute.

During the interviews, a lot of people would share that vaping is bad, but then go ahead and say that they do it, which is really a surprising juxtaposition to their knowledge of the substance. The main reason for vaping is usually to help quit smoking, but now it’s something students do for fun and for social status.