Iconic Rooms at WCI



The art room at WCI is responsible for many of the paintings and drawings around the school. Over the years, the pieces of art students have produced have been spread around the room to show the talent that has been at WCI. Activities such as painting, drawing, watercolour and portrait drawings are all done in one of the two art rooms around the school. From the look of it, it may just seem like a small art shop at first but it is responsible for some of the best work of the school’s history.




The auto shop at WCI is the center of auto mechanics at WCI. The class is filled with every tool you could imagine, giving the students access to the knowledge they need for future work. The auto shop is responsible for many repairs of the WCI staff and the community. Customers will bring their cars in that need fixing and the students do their best to resolve the problem. This circumstance has lead to having a reputation as a reliable auto shop where jobs get done fast and right with low cost as it gives the students a great opportunity to perfect their skills.



The library is the heart of WCI. There is always people in the library either studying, socializing or trying to find the newest book to read. The library at WCI has everything a student would need; from a quiet study area to a wide range of technology they can use. The librarian, Mr. Fusco, provides a clean and quiet work area where students can come to either print off unfinished work, study for a test or quietly work on an assignment without a disturbance. Every part of a good school is the library, and the WCI library is a great representation of that.


The wood shop at WCI is home to great projects and displays that all come from the small shop. From props for plays and sculptures around the school, the wood shop is responsible for all of them. With the leadership of Mr. Perterman, every student that sets foot in the shop will leave with the skills to operate the machinery but also the personal experience of woodworking. This is one of the very few classes that is all hands-on work and a great opportunity to perfect your skills.