Winter Date Spots

If you are trying to save money, but want to go on a cute date with your partner, there are plenty of cute and cheap dates that you will enjoy. Uptown Waterloo is always a great place to go. There are plenty of restaurants like Beer Town which has amazing appetizers and entrees and is also a really cool environment to be in. There are also really cute coffee shops to sit in, like Princess cafe, which is also connected to the theatre. Dinner and a movie are always fun! Uptown is also always lit up at night and very pretty to look at.

In the Winter, being outside in -25 can be hard if you’re not kept busy or moving. A really fun activity to do in the winter is to go skating in Uptown Square. Grab a hot chocolate and some skates. It is a really fun and active date to do with your significant other.

Waterloo Park is beautifully lit up in the winter. There are over 100,000 lights in the light up festival! They start setting up all the lights in November and the grand opening is on Dec 1! Even though it takes them the entire month of November setting up the hundreds of thousands of light bulbs, it is absolutely free for anyone who wants to walk through it. It is also extremely romantic. Holding hands with your partner at night, being lit up by all the lights, drinking hot chocolate, and adventuring throughout the park is a great way to have fun outdoors with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Finally, it is absolutely beautiful to see. It is short, but stunning to see and watch.

If you’re looking to drive a bit further for an even more beautiful light up festival, Bingemans has a huge light show that you can drive through. It’s a bit further to get there, but the festival is absolutely free and you won’t regret going. It is a 2 km drive-through light show that features 2 light tunnels as well as over 30 static and animated light displays! It is definitely an awesome place to tour this Winter.

Another place to go is a coffee shop. Even Williams is a great place to go. Get some coffee, a snack and just get to know your partner. There’s also a lot of coffee shops uptown Waterloo. They are all really cute and aesthetically pleasing!

If you are an adventurous couple and like to for walks or hikes, Laurel Creek or a conservation area is a fun place to explore! It is completely free because the conservation areas are shut down, but you can still enter, without paying a dime.   

Finally, The St. Jacobs farmers market is a really cool place to go in the Winter with your partner. There’s a whole bunch of cool vendors to check out, and lots of different food to try while you’re there. The pizza and apple fritters are amazing and some of the most popular foods to get at the market. There are over 200 vendors to look at and lots of really cool homemade goods.

Even though it is soon going to be -25 degrees outside, there are still many fun things to do outside. Just make sure you are keeping busy by maybe, ice skating, touring Waterloo Park, or even just drinking a hot chocolate at a nearby cafe. I hope these Winter date ideas were very helpful, and I hope that you give them a try and enjoy them!