Are Sales 100% a rip off?

Sales, sales, sales are EVERYWHERE. They appear prominently on holiday seasons, but they also exist throughout the year. Whether it’s 10% or 75% off, it always sounds like a great deal to many shoppers.

We are now in the Christmas holiday sales season. Banners of sales and great deals are all over the shops and streets, and to me, a self-professed shopaholic, this appears as the greatest time to pursue my addiction and love of shopping while keeping my banking account and mom happy. However, throughout my shopping experience, I’ve noticed a couple of glitches on how sales work, and this ignited my curious soul into finding the truth behind these sales.

There is something magical about the word “sale”, it acts like a magnetic force that pulls millions of shoppers to the streets and shopping centers, but what are sales?

It’s a persuasion technique used by many businesses to bring new customers and maintain existing customers. Price reductions sound like a loss to businesses, as they sell products less than they’re worth; however, there are many ways businesses can do use this technique without losing. Some of these sales involve consumers manipulation. Mr. James Shearer, a business teacher at our school, said: “The consumers don’t know what is legal and illegal when it comes to sales, and businesses take advantage of that. For example, we just had black Friday, and we had a lot of complaints this year about how stores would increase the price of a two hundred dollars cell phone, and cross the price claiming that it is on sale for two hundred and fifty. This happened a lot this black Friday with many retail stores.”

Many students at WCI were allured by this black Friday sales, as Jessica S. said: “I spent way too much this Black Friday because there were really good deals, and I shopped a lot for Christmas, which is why I am not sad about it. At the same time though my bank account is kinda sad.”  Moreover, Maneka A. added that: “I bought over two hundred dollars when I went shopping with my family this Black Friday, and when you think about it, it is sometimes the same price, and you can even find it cheaper on other days, but you still buy it.”

I love shopping just like many other students at WCI and the 58% of Canadians who went shopping this Black Friday; however, the thought of being manipulated by businesses does irritate me, which is why “there should be better consumer knowledge,” said Mr.Shearer. As a result, next time remember to do your research before buying a product, and don’t let sales rip you off!




Vancouver Sun