Two best items for your Winter ❄️

As a person who grew up in a southern city, the wool hat and scarf have always been used to keep me toasty warm in the coldest of times. Once I moved to Canada, I found that people on the streets were all shrunk in their hats and scarves due to the freezing climate.

The winter of Canada is here. This year if you don’t wrap yourself tight, you’ll be sorry for not staying warm enough.

Therefore, it’s time to give yourself a warm and stylish winter! Let’s take a look at some warm and beautiful wool hats and scarves!

1 Wool And The Gang

$ 72.25

$ 102

Wool And The Gang, founded in London in 2008, is a well-known brand that’s producing yarn in the UK.
They are always insisting that warm wool clothes have a “soul”, and combining hand-knitted with fashion elements. Their texture is pretty, and will not be deformed. Price range is from $10 to $200, and the official website is a great spot to buy from.




Founded in 1983, J.CREW is a brand that produces interesting accessories that represent the spirit of the United States. It is one of the brands pursued by young Americans. It is also the brand that Michelle Obama often chooses.

3 Simmons



Simmons is one of the oldest family-owned clothing retail stores in Canada. It was founded in Quebec in 1840 and has a history of 175 years. The fifth generation of the family currently runs it. This is Siemens’ trademark brand is fashionable and affordable.

4 Obey



The full name of Obey is Obey Giant. The American skateboarding street brand and Its designer, Shepard Fairey, is a contemporary American graphic designer and illustrator. During the 2008 US presidential election, the Obama “Hope” poster he designed was widely known.

5 Hollister



Hollister Co. commonly referred to as “Hollister”, is a young brand owned by American leisure brand A&F (Abercrombie Fitch), targeting young people aged 15 to 25, and striving to reflect the Southern California beach surfing style.

Acne Studios



Acne Studios, a minimalist brand from Northern Europe, was founded in Stockholm, Sweden. Acne Studios was named after the first letter of “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions” – aiming at creating new expressions.




ZARA is a famous brand in Spain. It is associated with American casual fashion GAP, Swedish fashion H&M, and Japanese casual clothing brand Uniqlo which are known as the four major fashion chains.

Wool And The Gang which as mentioned above, are selling colourful yarns and various knitting tools on its website as well. You can also create your unique knitwear by learning the tutorial!

Don’t underestimate these two items, they can indeed keep you safe and keep warm through the frozen winter!