Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption Recap:

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The story is set in the wild west where you are playing as retired gunslinger John Marston. But there is a problem though, John is blackmailed by Edgar Ross, an agent who works for the Image result for edgar ross Government, to hunt down his old comrades from the Van Der Linde gang. John has no choice but to complete his mission to confront his old gang, because the government have taken John’s son and wife hostage.Image result for bill williamson fort mercer John’s first task is to hunt down former killer and gang member Bill Williamson. John finds Bill, who is hold up in a fort with his own gang. The conversation between the two ends up with done being shot and left for dead. John is then rescued by Bonnie McFarlane and taken to the McFarlane’s ranch, a ranch owned by Bonnie’s father. in exchange John helps Bonnie around the ranch. Bonnie and john become fast friends, BonnieImage result for bonnie mcfarlane rdr 1 also introduces John to her father. After John has recovered from his gunshot wound, John decides to go to Armadillo. There he meets Marshal Leigh Johnson who is the sheriff in town. Him and John both share an Interest in taking down Bill. Bill doesn’t like the idea of him being killed or captured, and decides to kidnap Bonnie. Hearing the news about Bonnie being kidnapped, John sets out to rescue her. After John rescues Bonnie, John decides to make a gang of his own, which consists of Snake oil advertiser Nigel West Dickens, Grave robber Seth Bryers, and a con man named Irish. With the help of the sheriff and his team, John and his gang decide to storm Bill’s fort, hoping to find and capture Bill. After destroying Bill’s gang, John finds out that Bill escaped. Sooner or later John learns that Bill is hiding somewhere in Mexico with another old gang member, Javier Escuella. After crossingImage result for javier escuella the boarder John meets retired gun slinger Landon Ricketts, Landon teaches John a few tricks to improve his shooting. John then finds himself stuck in a Mexican revolution, where he’s working with the rebels and the Mexican government, while also trying to find Bill and Javier. John then rescue’s the rebels leader Abraham Reyes, but by doing that John is betrayed by the Mexican government. Before John can be executed, John is saved by Abraham who also helps John hunt down Javier. John hands Javier over to the government after capturing him. The revolution reaches its climax with the two sides fighting each other. The colonel tries to escape with Bill alongside him, but John has other plans. John catches up to Bill and the colonel and kills them both.

After returning to America, Edgar Ross helps John find and kill his old gang’s leader, Dutch Van Der Linde. Dutch is even more mad and murderous than ever. He also recruited a powerful gang that consists of young native American men looking for a better life. John meets a native man named Nastas and a crazed writer Harold Macdougal. Both help John to hunt down Dutch Image result for dutch vander lindebut fail. John has several encounters with the Van Der Linde Gang, with one encounter leaving Nastas with a bullet in his head. After Nasta’s death, John decides to help Harold escape to the east. Finally, John and Edgar Ross go after Dutch one last time. John confronts Dutch, they both have a little chat. The little chat ended with Dutch committing suicide, off a cliff. After Dutch’s death, John returned home, where he found his wife Abigail and son Jack as well as Uncle, an old man and gang member under John’s care. John tries to live a normal life with his familyImage result for john marston shot but is ruined by a large posse under the command of Edgar Ross. Edgar Ross commanded the posse to kill John. John, Uncle, and Jack try to fend off the posse, but in the process, Uncle gets killed. John takes his wife and son to the barn and tells them to leave. EdgarRoss and his posse surround the front of the barn waiting for John to come out. John exits the barn, only to be killed and left for dead. John’s wife and son hear the gunshots and decide to come back for John only to find John dead on the groundImage result for jack marston ve edgar ross

After a few years, we find Jack standing in front of his fathers and mothers grave. Jack followed in his father’s footsteps and became a gunslinger. Jack sets on a journey to avenge his father’s death. After finding Edgar Ross, the two have a standoff. Jack wins, and then the game ends.

Red Dead Redemption 2:

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Unlike the First Red Dead Redemption where you play as retired gunslinger John Marston and hunt down the old Van Der Linde Gang members, this new instalment takes place before the first game. This game has an even bigger map than the last game and an impressive improvement in graphics. Since this game is a prequel we finally get to find out why and how the old Van Der Linde Gang separated ways. In this game, you will play as the protagonist Arthur Morgan and his journey as he rides alongside John, Dutch, Bill, Javier and many other gang members. The gang is trying to run away from a national detective agency called the Pinkertons, because of something that went wrong in Blackwater. This game improves a lot in the first game. For example, when you go hunting you can skin the animals and get it’s pelt to make unique clothes, and cook their meat to make food to eat. You keep track of your weight if you’re underweight will take more damage but run faster but if you’re overweight it’s the opposite. The game has a full weather system where it cycles through day and night, and extreme weather conditions like lightning, but watch out it may hit you. Like RDR1 you will also have the honour system, where you can be an outlaw or a noble hero, being either will change scenes and outcomes in the game. Also, side missions are returning where you will be doing different tasks for different people around the whole map. Unlike GTA, where you can get a random haircut and have your hair grow twice the size it was, this game has Arthur grow his hair out and if you cut it you will have to wait forImage result for rdr2 beautiful landscapeArthur to grow back his hair. Rockstar expanded on wildlife, adding in two times more animals from the last game. And most importantly you’re allowed to pet dogs. There’s hundreds of more new stuff and things this game improves on, the things I mentioned is just scratching the surface of it.

Tips And Tricks:

  • Make sure you do the side missions because they will disappear if you advance the story
  • when you can pick flowers that improve the food you cook, which will give you a boost to your health, stamina, or deadeye
  • when you’re out hunting animals study them to see what weapon to use to get a perfect pelt
  • when your hunting you should bring a temporary horse to store more pelts and carcasses on it
  • use a hair tonic to make your hair grow faster and longer
  • you are able to use your horse as a boat in deep water
  • in the gunsmith, you can set it to where you can have a specific gun on you at all times
  • if you’re tired of mashing the run button when riding your horse, you can set a waypoint and go into the cinematic mode which will take you to your destination
  • you are able to mark places around the map with a marker, whenever you want to set a reminder to go to that area
  • in first person mode, you can press down on the directional pad to aim with the gun’s sight if you have one
  • you are able to store outfits and hat on your horse
  • if you have done bad stuff and made it to where you are to be killed or captured(dead or alive), you can serve jail time to remove it, the last thing you want is bounty hunters after you
  • some strangers around the world will have problems like being bit by a venomous snake or being stuck in a bear trap, if you were to help them and meet them again in town they will buy something for you
  • explore the map because you may find gold bars or unique guns as well as odd encounters like finding a grizzly bear in a cabin
  • always carry horse reviver on you because the last thing you’d want is a dead horse, once your horse is dead it’s gone forever unless you buy it or like me immediately close the game

Online Beta Review:

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Like GTA, Rockstar promised RDR2 will have an online mode and recently the beta for online has been released. In the online mode, you will have the choice of customizing a female or a male character. Once you’ve picked male or female you get to pick your name, change your facial features and the size of your body(skinny, normal, athletic, heavy, brawny). After finishing your character you will start red dead online. The online will start off with you in prison, which then the police will transport you and a couple of other prisoners in a cell like stagecoach. The stagecoach is stopped by a man with bodyguards. The mans name is Horley, Horley helps you out and tells you to ride with him, because his mistress needs your help with something. After doing 2 missions you will be able to start your full beta experience. The online uses the story mode as a base but allows you play online with friends. In online you are able to go hunting and fishing but before you do that you will have to level up and get money. Each five levels you reach you can get a treasure map for hunting treasure, you can also get treasure maps from looting bandits that ambush you or gang hideouts. In the beta you will have some missions and side missions from strangers you can do. The honour system is also added in the online, depending on how honourable or dishonourable you are the missions will change. Not only do you have a few missions, you can also do activities where you compete against other players, like a simple game of team death match or a game mode called make it count where you use bows, knives, axes and you have one life, basically a small battle royale. keep in mind this is just a beta so it won’t have everything like the story mode has. But there are quite a few problems with the beta such as not being able to rob things, the only thing you can rob now is a train, Or being able to play things like poker, dominos, blackjack, etc. with friends, a feature that was added in story mode and hoped to see in online. another problem is that the world is too empty and there are not many animals, humans like in story mode, you also can’t get weird stranger encounter, which made the game in story mode even better than it was. Another problem is that there’s no option for a private lobby, which means you will have to deal with your character getting shot and killed or getting lassoed by griefers. The two things players are mad about is that the economy is really bad, missions just don’t pay as much, especially side missions which consists of 5-10 min of gameplay only to be payed 5$ – 10$. The prices are too high, one pistol costs 1000$ and the funny things a can of beans sells for more money than a gold ring.  apparently, the best method now is to go hunting and fishing, then sell the animals meat, pelt, etc. Another big problem is the second currency the gold bars. The gold bar can be used to buy many things but is so hard to obtain a full gold bar, some side quests only give 0.06 or some other small number. The worst part is the gold bar is Rockstars way of microtransactions, microtransaction is where you will be able to use your real money to buy in-game currency, which then you can buy things other people don’t have because they choose not to use their real money. This gold bar thing makes it unfair to a lot of players, the RDR2 community hope something changes. So far Rockstar has made a page where you can give feedback and report bugs, they also made a tweet about releasing an update that fixes the in game economy.