University vs College

I have recently applied to University and College and I thought to myself, what is the difference? I applied to 4 universities and it was $200, and I applied to 3 colleges and it was only $95. People often hold a lower esteem for college than university, but if they have the same programs then what’s the difference?

As I was looking into this, I realized that colleges are a lot smaller than universities. In Kitchener or Waterloo, if you look at Conestoga College, even though they just expanded it, it is still just one building. If you are looking at this from an athletes point of view, the Conestoga building includes a really nice basketball court but does not have a pool or an outdoor soccer/ football field. If you look at Laurier, there are multiple buildings that hold different classes and rooms. It is an entire campus that includes different parts and sections. Laurier also includes a huge outdoor field, a pool, and a basketball court.

Another difference between university and college is that college typically only has undergraduate programs, where a university has both undergrad and graduate programs. For example, a university usually has a school of sciences, arts and a school of engineering. Colleges have a more limited option and don’t typically offer a master’s program.

The main question I had about university and college was if your marks had to be better for University. As I was applying to universities and looking at the programs, some university programs only required an average of 70-80%, which for some programs in college, the average was the same. But as I was saying earlier, colleges usually only offer undergrad programs so, in my opinion, it is worth going to university because you can finish all your schooling in one place instead of transferring or trying to finish it someplace else. Also, there are a lot more intense programs in university that require at least a 95% average… sometimes even higher.

College is also less expensive, so if you are someone who thinks you can do the same program in college than in a university, I would say to do it in college considering it would be less money.
In conclusion, I think universities do offer more. Pools, basketball courts, football and soccer fields… are all found on a university campus. It also offers more graduate programs, but in the end, it is more expensive than college. Which path will you choose?