Photo Essay: How Is the Life of Running A International Student Homestay?

Mr. Shaowu Guo, the guardian of 10 students in Waterloo, started his first task of each day – preparing meal. It is also one of the most important things in his life because he wants to make sure his students have enough energy to deal with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Mr. Guo is chatting with the parent of one of the students in China. What Chinese parents care most is how the life of their kids is going on, and some of them even become panic if their kids are not in touch with them several days. To deal with that, Mr. Guo posts the photos of the life of students on social media to let the parents know how they are. The connection that maintained by Mr. Guo plays an important role in supporting the mental heath of those international students.

Mr. Guo is working on his laptop. It is busy to host an international student homestay with 10 students. When Mr. Guo gets a spare from preparing meals, he deals with other affairs such as the tasks from Waterloo Region Chinese Community Association and some of his projects. He planned to create a landmark for Waterloo last year, and his proposal has been submitted to the city hall.

Mr. Guo is shoveling the snow in front of his house. When all his students are in school, Mr. Guo started to work on household duties. There are leaves in Autumn and snow in Winter. He also has a backyard that some vegetables planted by himself growing there to be taken care of.

Mr. Guo is practicing Chinese Calligraphy. He masters the skill to write several ancient types of Chinese characters. Every weekend, some friends of him come to learn this traditional culture from him. There are also some Canadian-born Chinese kids sent by their parents to learn how to write in Chinese. As Mr. Guo says, it is necessary to inherit and carry forward traditional Chinese culture.

I sincerely appreciate the help of Mr. Shaowu Guo on this article.