Photo Essay: Perspectives

Many people use photographs to express their inner thoughts/ feelings and everyone has a different perspective when viewing them.


As a kid, visiting the park with my parents was always a pleasure. Nothing stopped me from snapping a photo while reminiscing about my childhood.


Love the Canadian weather, nothing beats pond hockey and drinking hot chocolate. Ryan definitely was complaining about the weather but his outfit consisting of all Nike screams heat!



When your in doubt, always remember to wear your boots. In this case, Converse was not the right choice.


Resisting the urge to put on a winter jacket, classic.


Fairly late on the trend where you tuck your joggers/ sweatpants into your socks, thanks Mr. Kanye West!


Zipper pants are always a great addition, especially when you got fire kicks!



Always have to flex the Lil Dicky hoodie.



St. Jacobs Bridge.


Taking photographs and keeping them as memories is always good and takes your mind off things, at least it does for me. Grab a camera and snap some photos, you’ll be amazed what you can do within the camera lens.