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The Furious Tide of the Yellow Vests

Starting from November 17 in 2018 until now, the Yellow Vest movement has lasted for about 2 months and spread wildly in Europe, even reaching Canada. It was originally against President Macron’s policies on increasing […]

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Timeline of North Korea – How the Situation Cooled Down

Images Reference: 飞行军 . “朝鲜主体思想塔.” 2018全球华人旅拍大赛, Aug. 2018, Jung, Yeon-Je. “A Man Watches a Television News Broadcast Showing North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un’s New Year’s Speech, at a Railway Station in Seoul on January […]

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Top 10 Rappers Of 2018

2018 was full of crazy rap tunes, surprise albums, hits and so much more. This year was a good one for the rap game as many songs were topping the charts, Drake’s “God’s Plan” was […]

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Photo Gallery: True Israel

While often reoccurring in the media for its often despicible politics and sad situations with relating countries, Israel, as a country is much more than that. It stands as a monument to the earliest times […]

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Video: Right vs. Left

Times are divided, there’s no way around it. Whether you’re on the right or the left, you’re living through some of the most politically tribalistic times we’ve seen in recent history. It often feels as […]