Small but Mighty: WCI’s Gender & Sexuality Awareness Club

What even is the GSA? It seems that only a small handful of people know what the acronym stands for, but WCI’s small-but-mighty club is working hard to change that. In the last two years, […]


Students Becoming Less Prepared for University Math Courses

“Don’t do meth, do math. It’ll mess you up twice as much,” says Yifan W, a student from WCI. Every year, many post-secondary institutions omit their math requirements for particular science programs, showing that students […]


“It’s still kind of surreal if I’m being honest with you”

SARA KRUSKY’s obsession with writing began when she was six-years-old, and her mother bought her a notebook. During that time, Krusky was experiencing bullying in her school and found writing as an enjoyable outlet for […]