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Senior Girl’s Basketball: Undefeated and Going Strong

The senior girl’s basketball team has had quite the season so far. After playing seven games, they are three-quarters of the way through their season and have proven themselves unbeatable. So, what is it that […]

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Viking Singers Back & Better Than Ever!

Despite WCI being only into their second week, the music ensembles must band together early in order to perfect their repertoire for all special occasions. This Thursday, Ms. Sarah Erdman and Ms. Jocelyn Ridgway began […]


Riverdale’s Top 15 Worst Moments

Riverdale, the show based on the classic Archie comics, is quite possibly the worst Netflix show in existence. Besides the incestuous undertones, the mild homophobia, and just the writing in general, here are the top […]


A Change of Pace in WCI’s Arts Program

Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI) has always been known as an academic school. This reputation was formed through its magnet programs,including Strings, Extended French and Advanced Placement courses, its abundance of math and science courses, as […]


Impact Theatre Festival Celebrates 10 Years!

In Downtown Kitchener, MT Space celebrates 10 years of IMPACT International Theatre Festival. Impact celebrates diverse theatre that sometimes tackles heavy subjects or teaches us about different parts of history. It was founded by Majid […]