Crocs: The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Crocs are undoubtedly the greatest shoe in existence. Anybody who disagrees needs to reevaluate their life choices. They combine virtually all the elements of every shoe, making them exceptionally practical; there’s a large and diverse selection of different styles of crocs; and they sport an unparalleled, unique style. Marika D, an avid croc user and expert on the world of crocs offers her adept insights on crocs, “They’re incredible, they’re great, and you can even dry them with a towel.”

To begin, crocs are extremely versatile and functional in all types of situations; they’re comfortable, they’re easy to clean, they’re durable, and they come in all different sizes. Marika says, “They fit everyone’s feet, unless you have stupid feet, in which case, I feel very sorry for you.” Whether it be making a fashion statement, or going for a hike, they are very practical for just about any circumstance. They have the comfort of a slipper, the style of a stiletto, the water resistance of a rainboot, and the athleticism of a running shoe.

Next there is a wide array of different options. There are a plethora of different colours to choose from. There is also an option to add croc charms to your crocs. “I personally don’t use croc charms, but you can use croc charms to make even more of a fashion statement,” says Marika. There are many options for how you can wear them. For example, you can wear them with socks, without socks, with one sock, with mismatched socks, with as many croc charms as you want. The possibilities are limitless, and there are so many options to choose from. It really is amazing.

Finally, they are the single most transcendental assertion of style. Marika D articulates this perfectly, “Crocs don’t need to go with anything, so therefore they go with everything.”

Crocs are so quirky and eccentric that they stand out, which in turn, contributes to your fashion statement, rather than taking away from it. They’ll match any outfit; wear them to school, wear them to a sports event, heck you could even wear them to prom. That’s how well they go with anything. Anybody who wears crocs is cooler than a popsicle in a freezer on a cold winter day.

Crocs can be quite expensive, with the price ranging anywhere from $21.66 to $201.04 on Amazon. Nevertheless, they are absolutely, one hundred percent worth your money. Because they’re so durable, you’ll go through 3 or 4 pairs of shoes before going through one single pair of crocs, demonstrating that it is in fact cheaper to buy a pair of crocs. Now you might be thinking, “what about slippers?” Well, there’s a reason why slippers are called slippers: they slip right off your feet.

“What about sandals?” There’s a reason why sandals are called sandals: they blister your feet, like hot sand.

“What about flip flops?” The reason flip flops are called flip flops: they’re a great big flop.

Crocs are the greatest investment you will ever make when buying footwear; they’re durable, they’re versatile, they’re diverse, they’re attractive, and they’re clearly superior to every other shoe, thus making crocs truly the ultimate fashion statement.