Athlete Profile: Juli Merry

Juli Merry is a grade 12 student from WCI. She is a vital part of the school’s field hockey, badminton, ice hockey, and soccer teams. She has achieved a great deal over her 4 years at this school. Some of her accomplishments include winning hockey PRA 2 years in a row, winning 1st WCSSAA All Star for Field Hockey, and 2nd team WCSSAA All Star for regular ice hockey, as well as being nominated for Athlete of the Year in grade 11.

She has been playing ice hockey since she was 6 years old. She currently plays forward on the Waterloo Ravens Midget AA hockey team, as well as playing midfield on the KW Dragons Field Hockey Team. On average, she has ice hockey practice 4 times a week, along with tournaments on the weekend, as well as practice for school sports. All of this can be tough to balance but she manages it very well, “I normally do my homework on my way to games or at school.”

As co-captain of the field hockey team, she is always cheering on and looking out for her teammates. Since she plays mid-field, she doesn’t get as much opportunity to score goals. Even though she doesn’t get as much glory for scoring the goals, she assists a large majority of them, which proves what a crucial part of the team she is. She is an extremely hardworking, dedicated player, going above and beyond in order to perform her best. Sometimes during her spare, she practices her shooting before practice, “It takes 15 minutes to carry the net onto the field, seeing as it’s a 6 person job.” 

Photo by: Ciara Mantle

In addition to being an exceptional athlete, she is also an outstanding student. She says, “I’ve learned a lot from sports and I’m able to transfer these skills that I’ve learned into school and my everyday life.” During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog.

As for post-secondary, she has been been recognized by scouts as a potential player to recruit by local universities for field hockey. She says, “sports are a big part of my life and I think it would be a great experience to represent a varsity sport if I was presented with the opportunity.”

Her main goal for this year regarding sports is to support the hockey teams as much as possible to be able to qualify for CWOSSA. “Over my entire high school career, I have only been able to qualify for cwossa twice. None of those times were for my main sports; field hockey and hockey. This year my goal is to do everything I can to help those teams qualify for CWOSAA, or even further if possible.”