Fill The Hill

WCI had a long standing tradition for years, iconically called ‘Battle of Waterloo’; a football game under the lights at Waterloo Stadium every Fall to raise school spirit and show off the football team’s talent. In recent years, it has been changed to ‘Spirit of Waterloo’ to allow a less violent atmosphere and showcase what the event is really about.

However, as the school changes, teachers come and go, the world changes around us, traditions end up changing as well. This year, in replacement of ‘Spirit of Waterloo’, WCI will hold an event called ‘Fill the Hill’.

On October 10th, there will be a spirit assembly from 1-1:30 to get everyone’s energy up and then at 2pm, the entire school will filter outside to watch the football team, this time on our home field.

A home game will create a stronger sense of spirit and since it is during the day it will be better attended and give more students a chance to be involved in the event. Without the need for rides to and from or to get the night off work, students can be involved in the life of the school without having to cut into their out of school hours.

The Junior Girls’ Basketball Game will also be going on so students are free to cheer for them if they would like. To add to the festivities, there will also be four food trucks at the event as well as games set up around the school on the day of.

Four students from the Athletic Leadership course have organized this event and put lots of time into it to try and make it as memorable of a day as ‘Battle of Waterloo’ has been in the past. Rachel Veld, Darci Moher, Alison Van Schaik, and Tori Meklensek have worked hard to make this an event which sets a standard to become just as iconic of a tradition.

Left to right: Tori Meklensek, Alison Van Schaik, Rachel Veld

See you on the hill, Vikes!