Viking Singers Back & Better Than Ever!

The leaders of the Viking Singers: Ms. Sarah Erdman and Ms. Jocelyn Ridgway

Despite WCI being only into their second week, the music ensembles must band together early in order to perfect their repertoire for all special occasions. This Thursday, Ms. Sarah Erdman and Ms. Jocelyn Ridgway began choir rehearsals. The choir, self-dubbed “Viking Singers”, have graciously allowed me to interview a few returning members and some new faces as the season begins!

Members of the Viking Singers play a game to get to know each other

Veterans of the Viking Singers have expressed their excitement for learning the new repertoire for the year. The finishing pieces and concerts are always a highlight for them. Many of them have been here for all four years of their secondary education.

“It’s such a fun communtiy and you get to feel like you’re a part of something,” Brianna Wei says. Linden Imosen Journa agrees. “It’s very important to explore your creative side.”

Most of the newcomers are freshmen with a passion for singing. Sophie Liu, fellow soprano, was particularly excited to meet others who share her passion and hopes to improve her own skills.

As diverse as all the students are, they all share one thing in common. When asked if they thought the arts were important for high school students, a majority of them said yes.

Erdman and Ridgway have selected some very fascinating pieces. As always, the choir has been selected to sing in the Remembrance Day assembly, so one piece must reflect the mood. Two pieces have been chosen for a collaboration project with SJAM and Bluevale’s choirs. Both teachers have strived to find pieces that can work for all voices, both new and experienced.

“It is a great way to create community within the school, and I am always reminded of the friends I made due to my arts involvement,” Erdman shared.

This semester, you can find the choir at the Remembrance Day assembly and the Winter Concert. They are always taking in new members, so be sure to check it out!